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  1. Lunes a Viernes 05:30 a 07:00 hs.  from: 01/19/2018

Nescafe mornings is a show which will make you get up and take notice of Rishi and start off your early morning on just the right note of hope, spunk and attitude.
It will be a show which is a personification of the fact that it starts with Nescafe. And perseverance is the key to making a mountain bow down to you. The fact that the show will cover the journey that Rishi will face to the success of actually getting people to listen to radio at a time when most people don’t will be the stickiness factor of the show. The “Is he crazy to do this? It’s almost like a death wish!” sentiment will come out loud and clear.
The show will progress to be like the morning cuppa that kick starts the day, as essential as those twitter notifications that we love reading when we read them first thing in the morning.
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