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  1. Lunes a Viernes 19:00 a 23:59 hs.  from: 01/19/2018

A refreshing break from hearing the usual sob stories and slow music on radio at night, this show uniquely encompasses the spice and many slices of life. Her Message Delivery is an enormously popular feature wherein she calls a stranger and delivers the message on your behalf without revealing her identity or the fact about who she is delivering it on behalf of. The reactions which come from the receiving end are heartening, shocking and sometimes, even hilarious. So you now know who to call if you want your boss to know that he sucks or if you wish to tell your girlfriend that she needs to do something about her craze for countless hashtags on IG!. Packed with aaj ke zamaane ka superhit music, the show doesn’t give you chance to tune out till the clock strikes 1. Stay tuned to RJ Heena from Mon - Fri 10 p.m. -1 a.m. (Saturday)
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